Me: "What kind of tea will make me invisible?"
Her, without hesitation: "Definitely the Earl Gray."

And So It Began

That was our first interaction, and it couldn't have been more perfect. I had definitely noticed her at the coffee shop before, but never thought I would actually ask her out, let alone ask her to marry me. After all, she was a cute, witty barista. What could she possibly want with a dope like me?

Over the course of a few weeks and several conversations, I had basically fallen in love with her haphazardly affixed hair and the way she stood at the register. Not in a creepy way. Well, maybe creepy. It depends on your definition of creepy. I mean, it's not like I had photos of her up in my living room. But yeah, almost. At any rate, it was really only a matter of time before I would fall victim to the rest of her quirks.

Then, one day I was in the coffee shop with my laptop at the bar (probably looking like a dumbass) when we started talking about movies. We started talking about movies we both had/hadn't seen involving numbers. 28 Days Later, 30 Days of Night, etc. Somewhere in the super suave part of my brain a flag went off. "This is a segue! Ask her out somehow!" So I incoherently mumbled something dumb about seeing one of those movies.

I was terrified. I didn't get the response I thought I might. She just kind of laughed it off! The nerve! Immediately I thought to myself "Well you can never come back here. You blew it!" Turns out it was just that thing that women do. The "playing hard to get" thing.

Long story short, I heard from her about a week later. :) She used a little fib about a business card I had given her previously. A little over a year later and we're engaged and looking for a photographer for our wedding!

Why Our Wedding Will Be Rad

Well first of all, we're pretty rad! Mandi is a globe trotting barista, traveling to places all over the world (Tanzania, East Timor) learning about her craft. I'm a tall freelance web developer, entrepreneur, and ninja wizard working on growing my own web business.

We'll be employing friends and family to help with many parts of the wedding. Not just to cut costs, but to make the whole experience more personal. We will be married by our friend, and Mandi's coworker, Morgan. He has two cats.

The wedding itself is going to be intimate but relaxed, using as many repurposed materials as possible. We're going to use things like burlap sacks as table runners, recycled jars as centerpieces, and whatever else we can get our hands on. We want it to be both cost effective and environmentally friendly. There also may be a halter top dress, vest, and pocket watch involved. (Clue: there will be.)

So that's our wedding! Pretty rad, huh? I hear Milwaukee is great in October.

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